Using CCNet’s scientists and technical staff you can speed your research in a cost effective manner

CCNet’s scientific and technical consultants offer expertise and advice in analyzing and assessing your research needs and providing solutions in the appropriate area. We have a large team of scientists that can be applied to a range of projects. This ranges from data mining, curation, extraction & analysis to software design and implementation.

Our specialities include:

  • mining & curation of molecular interactions & associations.
  • mining & curation of toxicology relevant data.
  • predicting mechanisms of toxicity using chemical, toxicogenomic or proteomic data.
  • software development

We aim to help you maximize the return on your investment, and ultimately improve your processes.

Technical solutions – either databases or software – can be deployed safely across your organization, thus making your research and development process more effective.

Our scientists & consultants work according to our tried & tested process shown below.

For further information about these services, please phone +44 1223 703 137 or mail us to