Dr Phill Hewit, Head of Early Non-Clinical Safety (Liver and Kidney), Merck Serono Research, Darmstadt
Dr Dragana Mitic, Senior Application Scientist, Cambridge Cell Networks

Biomarkers for toxicity are of growing importance in the pharmaceutical and industrial sectors for assessing the impact of new chemicals on human physiology or the environment. Microarrays are a powerful means to deduce potential sets of genes indicating a particular pathology, but require additional interpretation and processing to identify true biomarker candidates. In this webinar, we shall present a case study derived from cooperation between Merck Serono and Cambridge Cell Networks. In this study, scientists from Merck Serono combined systematic expression analysis of compounds well established to be Kidney or Liver toxic and applied cutting edge computational approaches (CCNet’s tools) to arrive at sets of rationally derived, high-confidence and mechanistically plausible biomarkers for use in predictive models.CCNet has developed a hand curated database of gene expression signatures and an online tool Sabida. The tool allows you to study particular pathologies for gene or protein biomarker candidates and to analyze your own data (gene expression, RNAseq, proteomics), for overlaps with more than a thousand manually curated pathology signatures.

Who should attend: 

Professionals working in: Biomarker discovery, Target discovery, Preclinical development, Clinical development, Molecular biology, Medical biology

To register:

Thu, October 31, 2013 11:00 AM EDT

You can download the Webinar presentation HERE, or watch it online (coming shortly). 

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