ToxWiz is a software solution for predicting toxic endpoints and for elucidating mechanisms of toxicity. It allows you to understand on- and off- target mechanisms of action of your compounds, thus minimizing the number of animal testing wherever possible. It helps prioritize new experiments and speeds up the overall decision making process. It uses novel algorithms to predict toxic end-points. This approach to predictive toxicology offers a new perspective in this field, being highly complementary to well-established QSAR and other approaches.

What ToxWiz does

ToxWiz is a complete solution consisting of a comprehensive database and easy to use and install software. It contains relationships between pathologies, chemicals, proteins, genes, and references.

Users can easily identify which pathways have been affected by chemical entities, genes or proteins, leading to a clear understanding of possible mechanism of action.

Key features include: 

  • Dozens of tools for predicting toxic endpoints
  • Easily accessible online system, with an additional software component for hypothesis making and data analysis
  • The world largest data collection of chemical structures linked to protein targets – over 50,000 bioactive chemicals and growing
  • Cross species translation of effects for over 15 different organisms
  • Collection of over 2000 organ and tissue specificity of toxic endpoints
  • Search by exact chemical structure, substructure, free text, gene and protein sequence
  • A wide spectrum of chemicals such drugs, metabolites, agrochemicals, food additives and industrial & environmental chemicals

We have developed tailored protocols to allow researchers of different kinds to get the most out of the system. For more information see the benefits for:

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