Save time and money by predicting toxic endpoints early and making informed decisions with our products

ToxWiz is a software solution for predicting toxic endpoints and for elucidating mechanisms of toxicity. It allows you to understand on- and off- target mechanisms of action of your compounds, thus minimizing the number of animal testing wherever possible. It helps prioritize new experiments and speeds up the overall decision making process. It uses novel algorithms to predict toxic end-points. This approach to predictive toxicology offers a new perspective in this field, being highly complementary to well-established QSAR and other approaches.

ToxWiz Online is a web-based solution for accessing the ToxWiz database quickly via any web browser. It allows very rapid identification of pathologies and molecular interactions related to a particular chemical, protein or gene and to browse thousands of pathologies for mechanistic information.

Sabida is a web-based solution for rapid identification of gene or protein biomarkers of chemical induced pathologies. The tool allows you to study particular pathologies for biomarker candidates and to analyse your own gene or protein expression datasets for overlaps with more than a thousand manually curated pathology signatures.

SysWiz provides the means to get answers from your own project datasets rapidly. It is a system for storing, analyzing and sharing data from systems biology projects. It allows internal datasets to be handled, cross-referenced and indexed in the same way that Toxwiz allows users to interrogate the CCNet databases. It can handle data from proteomics, genomics, chemical screens and cross reference these to documents either via the internet or internally stored.