Cambridge Cell Networks (CCNet) is a Cambridge UK based technology company that has been providing solutions, databases and software  for researchers and decision makers in the pharmaceutical, chemical, nutrition and agrochemical industries over the last ten years.  CCNet has a track record of maintaining the technical as well as scientific cutting edge and delivering reliable products and services to our customers. Our core management team has over 100 man years of experience in Pharmaceutical and Industrial R&D and our scientists have produced nearly two hundred man years of high quality expert curated content for our databases helping our clients to make fast hypothesis about  how chemicals act on biological systems.

By helping to understand and predict mechanisms of toxicity, we ultimately help to develop safer chemicals faster.

Our solutions are tailored for use in:

  • pharmaceutical drug discovery
  • the personal care products industry
  • the chemical & agrochemical industries

And benefit customers by:

  • helping to elucidate the biological mechanisms that cause observed toxicities
  • speeding up chemical safety assessment
  • prioritizing candidate compounds early in the development
  • reducing animal testing
  • translating effects from test animals to humans

  The safety of the chemicals, whether drugs, care products, or industrial pollutants, is a major concern of industries & governments alike. There is great pressure on industries to improve the safety of the chemicals they produce at the same time as cutting costs, and reducing animal tests. The latest developments in genomics and information technology make it possible to improve assessment of chemical safety through a better understanding of how chemicals affect biological systems at the molecular level.

CCNet’s mission is to enable safer chemicals to be developed and produced faster by applying cutting edge scientific advances in systems biology and computer science to solve practical problems.

CCNet’s strategy is to transform cutting-edge science from fields as diverse as biology, chemistry, bioinformatics, text mining and natural language processing into software tools able to answer burning questions related to safety and toxicology in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Delivering products and services to our clients and carefully listening to their feed back and needs has led to regular product upgrades as well as to launches of new product types. We will continue to follow this strategy to ensure excellent maintenance of current products and the development of new ones.