Dr Gordana Apic, Director of Cambridge Cell Networks, will have the talk at the BioBanking Conference, 22nd – 23rd June 2015, in London, UK, entitled:

“Big Data in Biobanks – biomarkers and signature discovery from biobank data”

Short overview

  • Many high-throughput technologies can be applied to Biobank samples to identify candidate biomarkers or molecular signatures predictive of diseases
  • All technologies have issues related to incompleteness, insensitivity and false positives that can ultimately lead to false or missed signals. Over a decade of research has suggested that incorporation of prior knowledge is the best way to arrive at high-confidence and mechanistically relevant biomarkers or signatures.
  • Interrogation of a vast network of curated data related to biological pathways, biomolecular interactions, and relationships between molecules and diseases can lead to rational suggestions of biomarkers.
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